What is Soil – Cement?

Soil – Cement Stabilization

Soil – Cement is a mixture of pulverized soil and or granular material, cement, and water. Some other terms applied to soil-cement are “cement-treated base or subbase, cement stabilization, cement modified soil, and cement treated aggregate,” The mixture is produced in a continuous batch pug mill. FLORIDA RCC has both a permanent pug mill plant in Davenport Fl. and a portable Rapid Mix 400C pug mill that can be set up to produce at or near large project sites. The mixture is hauled from the pug mill to the project site in conventional dump trucks. Depending on the project, the Soil-Cement can be dumped, graded and compacted or we can place the material using a conventional paving machine. The mixture is compacted to a high density, and as the cement hydrates the material becomes hard and durable.

Soil – Cement is primarily used as a pavement base course for roads, streets, airports and parking areas. A bituminous or portland cement wearing course is usually placed over the base. Soil-Cement is also used as slope protection for earth dams and embankments, reservoir and ditch linings, deep soil mixing and foundation stabilization.

The soil material in Soil-Cement can be almost any combination sands, silt, clay, gravel or crushed limestone. A wide variety of other materials such as cinders, ash and screenings from gravel and or stone quarries can be used to make Soil-Cement. Also, old granular base roads, with or without their bituminous surfaces, can be recycled to make Soil-Cement.

Soil-Cement shall contain sufficient Portland cement to resist deterioration from freeze-thaw and wet-dry cycling and sufficient moisture for maximum compaction. Typical cement contents will range from 130#s to 430#s per cubic yard. Depending on the soil used, the 7 day compressive strengths of saturated specimens at the minimum cement content meeting Soil-Cement criteria are generally between 300 psi and 800 psi. Like concrete, Soil-Cement continues to gain strength with age.


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