I am pleased to recommend the services of Wayne Companies DBA Florida RCC for any type of consulting or construction project involving demolition, paving, and the coordination of any other sub contract work associated with your project. In 2017, Wayne Companies founder Wayne Stephen was brought in as an expert consultant with regards to a large commercial roller compacted concrete (RCC) trucking facility. Wayne was able to help provide crucial design information on this facility which demanded an extreme amount of flexibility.

Upon design completion Wayne Companies through a competitive bid process was selected by the General Contractor to provide RCC paving, saw cutting, and sealing for the approximate 10-acre RCC trucking facility. Wayne Companies coordinated with the client and other subcontractors to ensure that the facility remained open during all construction activities. Inspections by a third-party testing engineer were coordinated and completed throughout the project and were all observed to be above the project specifications. This project was completed in a timely manner.
Throughout the project, Wane Companies offered options to completing job specific requirements to more than just meeting the minimal standards. Several of these options were selected which more than satisfied the client giving them great confidence and trust in Wayne Companies care and management of the project.

Special care was taken throughout the project to protect as much of the existing landscaping and drainage facilities. I observed a strong concern for safety of both employees of Wayne Companies and anyone that stepped onto the premises. Special safety measures were employed at all times thus minimizing the risk of accident or injury.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss the attributes of Wayne Companies. I feel confident in their ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

Lawrence L. La Rue L.S. Project Manager / Land Surveyor Milnes Engineering Inc.

In 2019 we conducted a project to pave a 10.4 acre truck trailer parking lot at our Mehoopany, Pennsylvania facility. The paving medium selected was roller compacted concrete, or RCC, with a 6.5 inch application. Florida RCC, under the management of Wayne Stephen, was the contractor used for this endeavor. The paving was done in ten (10) paving sessions conducted over the month of October.

Mr. Wayne Stephen was instrumental in this project from the beginning to the end. Wayne was involved early in the planning phases, providing the project team information about the RCC process, and helped us develop our sequential paving plan. This was essential since this lot could never be taken fully out of service.

During the paving phase Wayne was present each and every day of the paving process, providing supervision and direct quality management and coordination of raw materials. Given the large size of this job an offsite batch plant was established, allowing dedicated production, and delivery, for our project. Wayne was in continuous contact with the batch plant. In one, isolated incident a batch was made with low Portland cement content. Wayne immediately identified this issue onsite and worked immediate resolution with the batch plant operation. The defective material was quickly removed and replaced at no cost to our project.

Wayne was very flexible and worked with our changing traffic patterns, keeping our operation running. He also worked closely with the excavation sub-contractor, closely coordinating his work with the final grading work they were completing ahead of paving. Again, this was made more challenging given the yard was in operation.

We had one incident where a rogue truck driver defeated barricades and made a u-turn and damaged concrete during the curing process. This was no fault of Florida RCC but Wayne quickly responded to this problem and recommended, and executed, a repair. Wayne’s support continued after the RCC paving. He has been in touch with us and made site visits to inspect the concrete four months post paving. Net Mr. Stephen has provided quality workmanship, dedicated supervision during the paving, and has followed up on any issues we have after the paving portion of the project. I would recommend him, and Florida RCC, for similar and future roller compacted concrete installations.

Craig C. Head – Project Manager

My name is Chad Gorman, and I run GasSearch Drilling Services Corporation out of Montrose, PA. GasSearch Drilling Services Corporation (GDS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, and provides field support operations to their Natural Gas Exploration and Production operation in Susquehanna County. The company’s primary service offering consists of a fleet of over 80 heavy trucks, with near 70 water hauling trucks. GDS recently completed the construction of a 28,000 sf trucking and maintenance facility in Lenox, PA. GDS selected Wayne Enterprises (Wayne) for the installation of RCC throughout the entire parking lot area at the facility.

GDS competitively bid the project with several asphalt vendors and Wayne (RCC).

It was determined that the RCC (at 6″ thickness) provided additional value when compared with asphalt due to the reduction of subgrade material needed and the strength component. GDS anticipated near 100 empty heavy trucks traveling through the parking lot daily, in addition to nearly 100 passenger vehicles, and occasional fully loaded trucks and overweight loads. Wayne completed the installation of the RCC in a very professional manner and remained very attentive throughout the entire process to ensure grades were properly met and material quality was as expected. Overall, the installation process went very smoothly.

GDS had placed the facility in operation in October 2020, and have been consistently running water trucks, other heavy trucks, and passenger vehicles in and out of the facility 24 hours per day. The RCC has proven that we made the correct choice in parking lot material and contractor.

Chad Gorman

Masters RMC, Inc. has worked with Wayne Paving, dba Fiorida RCC, on several Roller Compacted Concrete projects over the last two years. We have been the RCC supplier on all of the projects, as well as the owner of a project that was installed for us by Wayne Paving.

Our experience with Wayne Paving has been excellent. They produce a quality finished product and are very professional in their performance of the work. Wayne Stephen, owner of Wayne Paving, has been very helpful in answering questions and responding to concerns of all end users of the RCC. Additionally, Wayne’s team has assisted us in the design and manufacture of the RCC material.

We would recommend Wayne Paving for any RCC project you are considering.

Robert Housel – President – Masters RMC, Inc.




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